Factors Related to Diet Pills Usage in College Students

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Duangman Palagrai
Sudsabuy Chulakadubba
Kanokwan Limsricharoen


Objective :

Nowadays, the amounts of diet pill usage are increased. Therefore this study aims to examine factors that are related to diet pill usage in female undergraduate students.

Method :

The study sample was 403 female undergraduate students, aged between 18-31 years, who studied in Khon Kaen University, 1st-6th years in the academic year 2011. The research instrument was a questionnaire consisted of six domains: personal data questionnaire, the body image idea questionnaire, an attitude toward diet pill usage questionnaire, peer influence scale, media influence scale and family influence scale. All questionnaires were verified for content validity by three experts. The internal consistency of the questionnaires was analyzed using Cronbach’s alpha coefficient. The reliabilities were between .85-.94. Data analyses used descriptive statistics, regression, and backward stepwise binary logistic regression.

Result :

The study found that the average age of undergraduates was 20.92 years, 71 students used diet pills, which was 17.60 percent. The result of the t-test found that self-discrepancy, family influence, and peer influence were statistically significant at a level of .05. According to the results of the backward stepwise binary logistic regression, the factors that were associated with diet pill usage at the high level were self-discrepancy and family influence. These variables were strong predictors of diet pill usage at 60 percent. Moreover, each question of the body image idea questionnaire was analyzed by using regression, found that skin complexion, facial features, muscle tone, body proportion, weight, chest size, and physical coordination predicted the self-discrepancy of overall appearance.

Conclusion :

self discrepancy and family Influence were associated and strong predictors to the diet pill usage.


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