Change of Suicidal Ideation in Psychiatric Out-Patients after after Suicide Risk Assessment

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Nitiya Champadang
Punjaporn Waleeprakhon
Manote Lotrakul


Objectives :

To study a change of suicidal ideation in psychiatric outpatients after suicide risk assessment by psychiatrists, patients’ opinions and feelings towards suicidal assessment, and whether patients be in favor of the particular questions used by psychiatrists. Correlations between patients’ feelings towards the assessment, alteration of suicidal ideation and suicidal risks were also assessed.

Method :

A cross-sectional survey was conducted and focused on new patients and psychiatrists at the Outpatient Psychiatric Department of Ramathibodi Hospital. The first questionnaire for patients was used to assess a change of suicidal ideation, patients’ opinions and feelings towards suicide risk assessment; a tendency to report their suicidal ideas to psychiatrists and the exact sentence the patients would like psychiatrists to ask them. The second questionnaire was developed for psychiatrists, which composed of psychiatric diagnosis, the sentences that psychiatrists used, and the patients’ respective suicide risk.

Results :

A total of 201 patients participated in the study. The patients who had suicidal ideas before psychiatric assessment was 19.7%. Ninety-two per cent of the patients would inform a psychiatrist if they had suicidal ideas. A change of suicidal ideation after suicide assessment was shown as decreased (47.8%), unchanged (41.3%) and increased (10.9%). Eighty-seven per cent of the patients agreed that assessment of suicide risk was necessary. The patients’ feelings about the suicidal assessment were listed as positive (29.3%), negative (31%), neutral (19%) and mixed feelings (20.7%). There were no statistical significant correlations between patients’ feelings, altered suicidal ideas and suicide risks.

Conclusion :

Suicide risk assessment did not increase the suicidal ideas in most patients; therefore, psychiatrists should assess suicidal ideas in risky patients to provide further appropriate management.


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