Experience of Suicide Attempt: Gender differences

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Somporn Rungreangkulkij Rungreangkulkij
Ingkata Kotnara
Ratchadaporn Thamnoi
Orapin Yodklang
Buthsaba Anusak


Objective :

This qualitative study is to describe the meaning and conditions that relate to suicide. The participants have attempted suicide unsuccessfully.

Methods :

There were 33 participants, 15 females and 18 males. Data collection used in-depth interview then data analysis was performed using content analysis.

Results :

Findings revealed that the meaning of suicide is the same between males and females. Both genders say that suicide is the way out of the dark and out of mental suffering. The condition that affects suicide in women is suffering from abuse from men who have more power in the relationship. The condition that affects suicide in men is pressure from being the leader of the family. They consume alcohol as it is perceived to be a masculine way.

Conclusion :

The this study suggest a movement to stop abuse toward women, education that the abuse is not an individual or personal problem but a societal problem that results from being male-dominated, and training to empower women. As for men, there should be some education about stress management by educating them that alcohol is not a solution. Education on communicating and talking about stress would be helpful for men.

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Rungreangkulkij, S. R., Kotnara, I., Thamnoi, R., Yodklang, O., & Anusak, B. (2015). Experience of Suicide Attempt: Gender differences. Journal of the Psychiatric Association of Thailand, 58(3), 245–256. Retrieved from https://he01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/JPAT/article/view/21135
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