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Daochompu Nakawiro
Sirinthorn Chansirikarn
Patsri Srisuwan
Oraphan Aebthaisong
Patra Sudsakorn
Charunee Vidhyachak
Pataraporn Visajan


Purpose : a newly developed cognitive training program covering 4 domains, namely training
of executive functions, attention, memory and visuospatial functions (TEAM-V), is proposed
to improve cognitive functions of mild neurocognitive disorder patients.
Methods : A series of neuropsychological tests have been applied to 71 elderly MCI
patients (mean age 68.2 years) to evaluate their 4 cognitive domains. Thereafter, patients were
separated into 2 groups. The first group of 38 patients is an intervention group, receiving 6
sessions according to TEAM-V program in every 2 weeks. The second group of 33 patients
is a control group, receiving regular treatment as usual. Among participants of each group,
those with amnestic type have also been identified in order that effect of TEAM-V program to
such particular problem can be further assessed. The post-test was then performed and the
evaluation was carried out to track the change of cognitive functions in each group.
Results : Verbal fluency -category and block design subtests in intervention group have
significant statistical difference (p<0.05) between pre- and post-test scores. In control group,
post-test scores of both two subtests are less than pre-test results. To further evaluate impact
of training program, the mean of the difference between pre-and post-test scores of each
individual in both intervention and control groups are calculated in order to identify the mean
of difference of each group. The intervention group has higher scores than control group
for verbal fluency-category with multivariate analysis that indicates statistically significant
difference. However, results of memory and judgment subtests remain with no significant
difference between pre-and post-test scores in both intervention and control groups.
Conclusion: The multicomponent cognitive training help mild NCD patients improve scores of
language function. However, scores of memory and judgment functions remain indifference
in intervention and control group.


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Nakawiro, D., Chansirikarn, S., Srisuwan, P., Aebthaisong, O., Sudsakorn, P., Vidhyachak, C., & Visajan, P. (2017). Array . Journal of the Psychiatric Association of Thailand, 62(4), 337–348. Retrieved from
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