Results of contact screening, re-screening and associated factors among students contacted with tuberculosis in one school, Pakkred district, Nontaburi Province

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Duangkwan Roongpeshwong


The purpose of this study is to examine the prevalence rate of tuberculosis disease and latent tuberculous infection in students who contact tuberculosis infection in school. And study factors for tuberculin skin test (TST) screening result and study was conducted by using 52 children aged 1218 years among children who have contacted  with pulmonary tuberculosis patient infected with tuberculosis in this school. They were screened by physical examination Chest radiograph, TST check on the screening day and monthly follow-up appointments for a period of 9 months. Undiagnosed first-round contacts with Index case repeated screening by TST in 12 weeks after the first cycle. Data were collected and statistically analyze by using SPSS for Windows version 11.5 software. Also Chi-square test and Fisher exact test were applied to figure out the relationship between variables. The data collected from April to December 2020.The study suggested that there was no the pulmonary tuberculosis infection.Found infected latent Tuberculosis 23 case, 14 patients in the first test (26.9%) and 9 patients in the second test (23.7% of the contact cases who re-screeing with TST). Moreover, the result revealed that the male had higher rate of TB infection than female by screening TST at second-round and includes 2 rounds  with statistical significance (p=0.036 and 0.008 respectively).According to the study contact TB cases was positive at 44.2%. Also, the number of the contact cases who had the positive in the second-round tuberculin skin test in 12 weeks was up to 23.7% or almost one fourth of the contact cases having negative outcome in the first-round test. Consequently, the researcher recommend to have the screening test in all the pediatric contact cases and should have re-screening by physical examination and TST as in the national tuberculosis control programme guideline, Thailand, 2018, Pediatric Tuberculosis Thai Guideline, 2019 and Recommendations to diagnose and treatment on latent tuberculosis infection, department of disease control, 2019


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Roongpeshwong , D. . (2022). Results of contact screening, re-screening and associated factors among students contacted with tuberculosis in one school, Pakkred district, Nontaburi Province. Journal of Medical and Public Health Region 4, 12(1), 55–67. Retrieved from
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