Toxicological Outbreaks Investigation of in student of school group,Nakhon Pathom, Thailand, February 2019

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On February 1st of 2019, at 8.00 a.m., Group of Communicable Disease Control Nakhonpathom, Public  Health Office was notified via telephone from the Banglen District of public health retreat that there were patients diagnosing bleary eyes, articulatory disorders, and muscle twitching. Therefore, it examined the fact and cooperated with the surveillance rapid and respond (SRRT) at Banglen district for investigating and controlling food poisoning disease on February 1st of 2019. The objectives      were 1) to confirm diagnosis and outbreak, 2) to study source and disease distribution, 3) to find source and risk factor, 4) to control and to prevent the outbreak. The used methodologies were descriptive and analytic (Case-Control Study) Epidemiology


Results : The descriptive results of this study were totally 88 cases (16.54%). Mostly, 74% of them were female. The first case was on February 1st of 2019, at 11.30 a.m. and the last case was at 13.30 p.m.Their symptoms immediately occurred after lunch. They nauseated, vomited, had a headache, and bleared. The examining results found the toxic from the group of Carbamate in the noodles blood soup, the fried of instance noodles and the sample of vomit from students. When studying analytical epidemiology, it was found that those having the fried of instance noodles had the high occasion of 12.07 times having food poisoning disease comparing to those who did not have the noodles blood soup and the fried of instance noodles (P-Value was 0.00 times). The group of people having the noodle blood soup had the high occasion of having the food poisoning disease for 2 times comparing to those who did not have the noodle blood soup (P-Value was 0.00). According to the investigation of the surveillance and rapid response team: SRRT, it found the relation on having the contaminant with the toxic in the group of Carbamate from the students of the stated school. However, the suspected person was not found for this case. The school reported the case but the investigation could not accuse the offender because there was not any evidence.

          This case was a violent situation in case that the patients could not arrive at the hospital in time, it could cause the death. The investigators suggested this school and other schools in Thailand to evaluate the food sanitation standard and the measure on security, to provide the officers to take care of the security, and to provide the surveillance cameras in the important places including the cafeterias because whenever this situation happens, it will be investigated immediately.


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