A study of the prevalence and factors influencing to depression in Pulmonary Tuberculosis cases in Latyao hospital, Nakhonsawan

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จีรภา โพธิืพรม
jain weraphong


This study aimed to explore the prevalence and factors influencing depression in Pulmonary Tuberculosis cases in Latyao hospital, Nakhon Sawan. This was a quantitative study by using a retrospective case-control study with medical record review technique.

                   Samples were pulmonary Tuberculosis patients registered and also used medical services at Latyao hospital during July – November 2020, there were 73 cases in total. The interviewing form was developed by the researcher. The content validity was proved by 3 experts, reliability was tested with Cronbach's alpha coefficient the result was equal to 0.97.

                   SPSS 19 was a computer program used for data analysis. Descriptive statistics consist of frequency mean percentage and standard deviations, used for analyses the population’s characteristics, social and economic factor, treatment factor, depression rate. Univariate Analysis by Odds Ratio (OR) with 95% confidence Interval by using Multiple Logistics Regression Analysis.  

                   The study found that the prevalence of depression in TB cases was 21.9%. The influence factors were married status, used private drug store, travel to hospital by personal vehicle and public bus, had a conflict with own family, working every day, and had caregivers took to hospital associated with depression of TB cases.        

                   Therefore, the factors influence to depression in TB cases were population characteristics and social factor. The health care systems should provide a more accessible facility. 



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