Determination of the Efficiency of Cannabis Cultivation Using Pink LED Light and a Small Greenhouse Controlled via the Internet of Things

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Nithiroth Pornsuwancharoen
Metha Tasakorn
Narongrit Yotanak
M. IIhan Cagirgan
Aornpanita Jaratthanaworapat


Cannabis cultivation system using pink LED light and a small greenhouse controlled via the Internet of Things was aimed to determine the efficiency of cannabis cultivation as a sustainable economic crop for the community in the future. This experiment has conducted the sowing to analyze the Relative and Absolute Growth Rate, the data had been collected from week 1 to week 24. The results of determination of the efficiency of cannabis cultivation using pink LED light via the Internet of Things had found that the growth was 32% compared to the conventional method, pink light intensity was 40 watts per square meter and two wavelengths of lights 420−440 nm. Thus, this cultivation system can be applied to the big greenhouse for 200-300 plants in the future.


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