Effect of mangosteen pericarp extracts against Propionibacterium acnes

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Mangosteen, Garcinia mangostana L., is classified in Guttiferae family. Pericarp of mangosteen has antimicrobial effect on various microorganisms. The objective of this study was to investigate antibacterial activity of pericarp extracts against Propionibacterium acnes. P. acnes, an anaerobic bacterium, is able to grow at hair follicle and cause acne. Dry powder of mangosteen pericarp was extracted with methanol. The crude extract was separated by partition with hexane, ethyl acetate and water, respectively. A major active compound, α-mangostin, was detected by thin-layer chromatography. Antibacterial activity of the extracts was tested against P. acnes ATCC 6919. Dalacin T® solution was used as positive control. The methanol crude extract yield was 16.5% of the dried mangosteen pericarp. Ethyl acetate extract showed the highest yield among water and hexane extracts. TLC chromatograms showed that α-mangostin was present in methanol, ethyl acetate and hexane extracts. The ethyl acetate extract exhibited the strongest antibacterial effect among methanol, hexane and water extracts, respectively. MIC and MBC of the ethyl acetate extract against P. acnes were 0.63 µg/ml and 19.06 µg/ml, respectively.

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