Development of Orange oil wax tablets for aroma massage

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Kritsana Uksornsua
Teeranard Dorkkulab
Pailin Lue-adun
Pathomthat Srisuk
Padungkwan chitropas


The aim of this research was to develop orange oil wax tablets molten in carrier oil at 40 oC in order to develop the aromatherapy massage products.  Effect of type and amount of wax on characteristics of wax tablets and entrapment of orange oils in wax tablets were studied.  Appearance, odor, duration of molten wax tablets in carrier oil at 40 oC and appearance of mixture were determined.  Storage condition was also evaluated.  The results showed that orange oil wax tablets containing 30 %w/w spermaceti or cetyl alcohol (equivalent to 6 %w/w in massage oil) were homogenous, good appearance and strong odor.  The wax tablets could be molten in carrier oil at 40o C in a few minutes.  And the mixture was liquid form at room temperature.  The aluminum foil containing orange oil wax tablets were stored at refrigerator (4 ± 2o C) and ambient condition (26 ± 2o C) for 0, 4, 8 weeks.  The storage condition had no effect on appearance of wax tablets and the molten wax tablets in carrier oil.  The odor of the wax tablets stored at ambient condition was less than the odor in refrigerator.  Odor of the wax tablet containing spermaceti was stronger than the wax tablet containing cetyl alcohol.  The result related with analysis of substances in orange oil by gas chromatography..  It can be concluded that the wax tablet contained 30% w/w spermaceti or cetyl alcohol displayed strong feasibility for development of aromatherapy massage products.

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