Satisfaction study of the application of black sesame meal scrub cream

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Natthida Weerapreeyakul
Narin Chansri
Arphakorn Lawong
Sasisom Waithong


Sesame meal was developed for skin application as scrub cream due to the exfoliation property of sesame meal.  In addition, sesame has been known to contain antioxidant.  Hence using the sesame meal which is a by-product from sesame oil production might increase its economic value-added.  This study was aimed to investigate on satisfaction of 20 female volunteers after using the sesame meal cream scrub once a day continuously for four weeks.  Result showed that no irritation was observed after volunteers applied the sesame meal scrub cream in the inner upper part of the arm for 24 hours.  It was found that the volunteers satisfied with the texture, odor, viscosity, cleanliness, whitening, moisturizing, and smoothness of skin and redness reduction.  To be concluded, the sesame meal scrub cream was satisfied by 20 volunteers for exfoliating skin with score points of 6-7.  Hence further development of sesame meal scrub cream need to be conducted as well as additional stability study.  This product development will increased black sesame meal value-added.

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