Development of Okara Mixed Cereal Bar and Acceptance Testing of Volunteer

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Katreeya Teeradechakul
Neungruthai Poowanich
Padungkwan Chitropas


The objective of this study was to develop okara mixed cereal bar for health product and acceptance testing of volunteer.  The ingredients consisted of okara, job tear, sesame, glucose syrup and Roselle juice.  The ingredients were mixed with tapioca starch as a binder and dried pineapple as flavoring agent.  The mixture were formed in mould and dried in hot air oven at 70 oC for 5 hours.  The result showed that increasing amount of okara (15, 20, 25 และ 30 %w/w) significantly decreased moisture content of the cereal bar (p<0.05).  Protein, carbohydrate and energy of cereal bar contained 15 %w/w of okara were the lowest.  For 1 piece (12 grams) of the cereal bar contained about 40 kilocalories.  The sensory evaluate in 35 volunteers by 9-point hedonic scale was determined.  The result showed that cereal bar contained 15 %w/w of okara was higher overall acceptance and taste than the other concentrations of okara (p<0.05).  It can be concluded that cereal bar contained okara for health product could be developed.  To be considered in customer’s acceptance, amount of okara in cereal bar should be suitable.


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