Systematic review of community pharmacy practice research

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Chalermsri Pummangura
Piyawat Praphuchaka
Phayom Sookaneknun
Jantip Kanjanasilp
Nungruthai Sooksai
Sawaeng Watcharathanakij
Peeraya Somsaard
Varavoot Sermsinsiri


Introduction: A systematic review of research related to community pharmacy practice in Thailand isstill needed. This study reviews and analyzes research relating to community pharmacy practice in the country. Method: Both published and unpublished, Thai and English language research articles from the past untilOctober 31, 2010 were retrieved from 13 electronic databases and by hand searching. All included research wascategorized and analyzed by research topic, participants, location and setting, objectives, and research methodsapplied. Results: Out of 1,623 studies, 352 fulfilled the inclusion criteria. They were categorized into 6 domains;clients’ attitudes and perceptions towards pharmacy (16.8%); pharmacists’ attitudes, perceptions and willingnessof pharmacists (16.8%); opinions about the pharmacist’s role (6.8%); factors affecting health-care provision(31.0%); pharmacy service outcomes (19.9%); and pharmaceutical care outcomes (8.8%). Although the number ofstudies related to community pharmacy has been increasing since 2001, only 61 research articles (17.3%) werepublished in peer-reviewed journals. Most of the study settings were in the central part of Thailand (53.7%), and theaverage study period was 102.8 + 89.7 days. Conclusion: Research related to community pharmacy in Thailandhas increased which indicates the growth of research related to pharmacy services by community pharmacists.Most were not published, however, in peer-reviewed journal and not much intervention research showing positiveclinical outcomes was conducted. A collaborative research framework should be encouraged between relatedinstitutes and customers. Funding and coordination are challenging issues for the research development of researchcommunity into pharmacy in the future.

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Pharmaceutical Practice


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