Alcoholic-Alkaline Treated Rice Starch as a Disintegrant in Direct Compression Tablet

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Poramat Bua-Ubon
Saruda Boonlert
Padungkwan Chitropas



The aim of study was to compare effect of amount of alcoholic alkaline treated rice starch (TRS) used as a disintegrant on properties of tablet prepared by direct compression method.  TRS was used at various concentration 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10 % compare to 5% corn starch, 5% Explotab®, 5% native rice starch by using two types of filler (Super-Tab® and Emcompress®). Aerosil® and magnesium sterate was used as glidant and lubricant, respectively.  Propranolol HCL was used as a model drug.  Tablet properties including hardness, friability, disintegration time and dissolution were evaluated.  Swelling and viscosity property of TRS were compared to a corn starch, Explotab® and native rice starch.  The results showed that tablet properties depended on amount of TRS and type of filler.  Increasing amount of TRS in tablet containing Emcompress®, the disintegration time was decreased and dissolution of drug was increased.  For Super-Tab®, the disintegration time of tablet containing 2.5% TRS was similar to 5% corn starch and 5% native rice starch.  And initial dissolution profile of drug from tablet containing 2.5 % TRS was higher than the others.  Increasing amount of TRS in tablet using Emcompress® and Super-Tab® as a filler, the hardness was increased and friability was decreased.  Using Emcompress® as a filler, the hardness of tablets containing TRS was significantly higher than native rice starch, corn starch and Explotab® (p < 0.05).  Tablet properties related to swelling property and viscosity of disintegrant.  It can be concluded that TRS can be used as disintegrant in tablet formulation.


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