The influence of ethanol content on physical characteristics and mechanical properties of facial peel off mask contained the ethanolic extract of Centella asiatica (Linn.) Urban.

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Jidapha Ngoenkratok
Paritra Worachuen
Utsana Puapermpoonsiri
Warisada Silaon


Introduction: The facial mask for skin rejuvenation was widely used for now. Researchers were interest to
develop the facial peel off mask which composed of the ethanolic extract of Centella asiatica (Linn.) Urban (ECA) and film former polymer which dried film was easily removed. And 95% ethanol was used as a drying accelerator for decreasing drying time of film. This study aimed to present the influence of ethanol content on the physical characteristic of base formula and mechanical property of facial peel off mask contained ECA. Methods: Prepared base formula which consisted of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and glycerin in a concentration of 15 and 6% w/w, respectively. 2, 6, 10, 12 and 15 %w/w of 95% ethanol was added to the solution of film former. The physical characters such as pH, clarity, drying time and viscosity were examined. Added 1, 2 and 4% w/w of ECA in the desirable base formula to prepare the facial peel off mask formula. The mechanical properties of the dried film were performed. Result: Increasing the 95% ethanol content resulted in clear base formula with slightly decrease in pH and drying time and increase in viscosity. The optimized ethanol content was 15% w/w. The addition of the increasing content of ECA, the dark green formula with unchanged in pH, lowering in dying time and viscosity was obtained. It was found that tensile strength and elongation at break was increase, but decreased in
adhesive strength as comparing to those of uncontained ECA formula. Conclusion: Ethanol content affected the drying
time and viscosity of facial peel off mask contained ECA with PVA as film former. In addition, alcohol content in the extract influence on the mechanical properties in terms of tensile strength, elongation at break and adhesive strength since alcohol limited swelling degree of PVA and enhanced solubility of glycerin.


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Pharmaceutical Sciences


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