Effect of Salt over pot (Tub Mor Gleur) on reducing hip and waist circumference and body weight in postpartum women

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Kraisri Srithupthai
Suwan Moonlao
Kunlanit Satue


Introduction: Thai medical science for taking care of the postpartum women is one of the Thai knowledge which has been accepted and passed on from generation to generation. Start from conceiving to delivering a child, women will have some changes physically and mentally even after giving the birth, the bodies will be back to normal. Therefore, taking care the health of the postpartum women by Tub Mor Gleur method is the process to make them better and decrease the waist size and weight. This method helps the mothers to get back to normal faster. Research process: The 40 postpartum woman who gave birth naturally by purposive sampling are divided into 20 sample persons, and 20 comparative persons who have proper qualifications. They are in and out selection, giving out questionnaires, waist and weight measurement for postpartum women. Sample and comparative groups using independent t - test statistics and sample and compargroups using Tub Mor gleur method before and after giving the birth by using paired - test statistics. Research results: The comparative groups, who didn't have the Tub Mor Gleur method ,the waist size and the weight did' t change. However, the sample groups, who had the Tub Mor Gleur for 5 days consecutively, the average waist size before 85.10 %, after was 77.95 %. The average hip size before was 98.85 %, after was 90.75 %. The average weight before was 58.30 % , after was 54.45 %. The results between has critical difference statistically. The sampling comparative before and after the Tub Mor Gleur when tested statically at the level of p (0.05)


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Pharmaceutical Practice