Mapping a hospital drug catalogue to Thai Medicines Terminology using an NLP-based approach

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Ratchata Unlamarn


Introduction: TMT, created and maintainedby the Thai Health Information Standard Development Center (THIS), aims to provide astandardized nomenclature for clinical decision support system, andtoimprove semantic interoperability between electronic health records(EHRs). Materials and Method: There are Mapped 881 term and 1,336 concepts from Hospital Drug Catalogue (HDC) to TMT. The mapping was conducted at both term and concept levels using anNLP tool. Results: The results of mapping term showed98.5% exact map for trade name, 17.9% exact map for dosage form,100% exact map for unit of measure and89.1% exact map for manufacturer.Of the 1,336 concept, 99.8%map to SUBS, 99.6%map to VTM, 86.1%map to GP, 86.1%map toGPU, 75.6%map toTPand72.6% map toTPU. Conclusion: Mapping from hospital Drug Catalog (HDC) to Thai Medicines Terminology (TMT) for assess the gap betweenthese two terminologies. A lot of term and concept can map, and the rest may be feedback for standardization.


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