Effectiveness of Pharmaceutical Care at Schizophrenia Clinic in Psychiatric Hospital

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Chakri Kaeokumbong
Aporanee Chaiyakum


Introduction: In schizophrenia, medication adherence is importance to control and prevent relapse rate. Pharmaceutical care is a service that improve medication adherence. Method: A Single-blinded, randomized, controlled clinical trial was performed in schizophrenia outpatient clinic at Nakhon Ratchasima Rajanagarindra psychiatric hospital. This study was conducted during 1 February – 31 July 2014. The objective of this study was to examine the outcomes of pharmaceutical care in patients with schizophrenia by Mental Health Gap Action Programme for Schizophrenia (mhGAP) by compare medication adherence, relapse rate and quality of life between study group and control group. The samples were divided into 2 groups, 50 patients each in the study and control group. At the end of the study 44 patients in the study group and 45 patients in the control group were remained for analysis. Result: The medication adherent patients in the study group were more than the control group (80.95% and 38.23%; p<0.001). The mean score of psychotic symptom by Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS) in the study group was less than the control group (24.00±10.25 and 28.00±11.00; p=0.012). The relapse rate of psychotic symptom in the study group was statistical significant lower than the control group (4.36% and 13.62%; p<0.001).The mean score of quality of life by WHOQOL- BREF-THAI 26 in the study group was statistical significant higher than the control group (74.50± 13.53 and 65.29±11.53; p=0.002). Drug related problems (DRPs) in study group decreased 27.97%, but increased 15.08% in the control group. Conclusion: Pharmaceutical care by mhGAP program in patients with schizophrenia increased medication adherence decreased DRPs and psychotic severity. The quality of life could not be determined in this study since we did not do full program of mhGAP.


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