Study on stability and quality control of Centella capsule

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Ponlawat Keawkhamsorn
Tipsukon Ratchawattana
Chonladda Pitchayajittipong
Utsana Puapermpoonsiri
Warisada Sila-on


Introduction: Centellaasiatica (Linn.) Urbanis widely used as Thai folk medicine for healing the wounds, ulcer protective, anti-inflammatory and memory improvement. It was cultivated in many area of UbonRatchathani province regarding the consumption and health promotion aspects. Although it had many health benefits, but the data about quality control and stability testing of its products was limited. So, this work was to assess the stability and quality of capsule contained dried powder of Centellaasiatica. Materials and Method: Centellaasiatica sourced form Warinchamrape district, UbonRatchathani province. Fresh plant was clean and dried at 50oC for 72 hours. After grinding, the dried powder was evaluated in terms of the water content and flow ability. The character of Centella capsule such as weight variation and disintegration time was performed. The stability assessment of Centella capsules at 25oC and 30oC (room temperature) and the accelerated condition at 45oC with 75%RH for 6 months was carried out. The content of some active compounds such as asiaticoside and madecassoside was quantified using HPLC method. Results: The dried powder had good flow behavior with water content of 6.03%. At 25oC and 30oC Centella capsule showed the acceptable characters including weight variation and disintegration time. The initial content of asiaticoside and madecassoside were 4.47 and 2.51 mg/g of dried powder, respectively. And the content of asiaticoside and madecassoside were slightly changed when keeping at 25-30oC for 6 month and were in the range of 90-110% of the initial content. Conclusion: Centella capsule form UbonRatchathani origin exhibits some promising character and should be stored at 25–30oC for maintaining the active compound contents. However, the microbial limit test should be future performed for verifying the efficacy and safety of these capsules


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Pharmaceutical Sciences


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