The effect of emulsifier system on mosquito repellent formulation from citronella oil

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Pichaya Worajuk
Phusanisa Thosathum
Warisada Sila-on
Utsansa Puapermpoonsiri


Introduction: This study aims to study the effect of emulsifier system for formulation development of mosquito repellent lotion containing citronella oil. Materials and Method: The homogenous emulsion was selected from two emulsifier systems such as Tween 80/Span 80 and Brij 72/Brij 721 with different concentration (3, 5, and 7 %) in order to perform stability study. As stability study, selected formulation would be kept at 45 OC 75% RH and at 25 OC for accelerated condition and ambient condition, respectively. Physicochemical and microbiological evaluation were conducted at 0, 1, 3, and 6 month. Results: Following 6 months of storage, it found that 1.54 % (w/w) Tween 80 and 1.46% (w/w) Span 80 provided the suitable formulations since the separation was not seen by centrifugation technique. In addition, color of formulation slightly altered from white to pale-yellow and the microorganism was not seen by total colony plate count technique. Conclusions: It is able to conclude that this formulation is extremely stable by using 1.54 %(w/w) Tween 80 and 1.46 %(w/w) Span 80 and keep this formulations at 25oC  more than 6 months of storage. However, the determination of active compound, efficacy of formulations and skin irritation test are required in further study


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Pharmaceutical Sciences


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