Prevalence of Adverse Events from Drugs and Heath Products in Patients with Chronic Disease at community in Selaphum , Roi-Et

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Supawadee Plengchai


Objective: To study prevalence of adverse events from drugs and health products in patient with chronic disease at community in Selaphum, Roi – Et Methods: A descriptive research, study in 160 patients with chronic disease in Selaphum, Roi-Et. Data were collected by an interview and then analyzed. The frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation were reported. Results:  The drug use behaviors of patients with chronic disease in Selaphum, Roi-Et , 54.4 percent of patients used modern medicine from drug distribution in community. TETRACYCINE AND YACHUD (3-5 drugs in the pack), the most two drug products used, accounted for 45.4 and 42.5 percent respectively. The occurrence of adverse events were found as 18.4 percent which were from YACHUD as 7 percent and allergic rash as 3.4 percent. 20.6 percent of patients used traditional medicine from drug distribution in community. Herbal pill was the most traditional medicine used as 45.6 percent. Cushing’s syndrome adverse events were found as 36.4 percent. They also used heath products from health products distribution in community as 30.6 percent. Adverse events were also found. 14.3 percent of patients experienced hyperglycemia from herbal drink, beverages of chlorophyll and kefir consumption. Summary: Patients with chronic diseases will get the risk from adverse events more than General people if they consume drugs and health products from distribution in community.


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Pharmaceutical Practice


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