Narrative literature review: outcome measurement of hospital pharmaceutical care in Thailand

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Teeraporn Supapaan
Julathip Amornphetsathaporn
Nuttacha Jansiri
Nattapon Kam-Ing
Piphat Janthapim
Panupong Chompoopuen
Poomwit Kotkeaw
Warisara Ponwilai
Apanun Eamsamran
Narongchai Chaksupa
Chonladda Pitchayajittipong


Pharmaceutical care is an important role of pharmacists which could be able to improve patients’ medication-related therapeutic outcomes and quality of life. However, few reviews focus on the pharmaceutical care outcomes in Thai hospitals. A narrative review was used to describe the outcomes of pharmaceutical care in Thai hospitals. The review found that the pharmaceutical care outcome measurements were divided into 6 domains; drug related-problems, adherence, symptom control and disease progression, disease knowledge and self-care behaviours among patients, patients’ satisfaction towards pharmaceutical care services, and patient's quality of life. The review showed that the pharmaceutical care interventions can improve patients’ outcomes in all six domains, for example; decreased drug-related problems, increased adherence, better disease control, increased disease knowledge and self-care behaviour, increased patient’s satisfaction in both pharmaceutical care and health care services and increased patients’ quality of life.  Conclusion:  Most of the pharmaceutical care interventions can improve patients’ outcomes in all domains.

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