Results of Screening People at Risk of Chronic Diseases in Community Pharmacy Organized by Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Community Pharmacy, Khon Kaen University

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Sunee Lertsinudom
Achara Nasatid
Acharawan Topark-ngarm
Nadthatida Hansuri
Nirachara Tawinkan


Introduction: The purpose of this study was to evaluate results of screening people at risk of diabetes mellitus (DM), hypertension (HT), metabolic disease and respiratory disease in community pharmacy organized by Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences,Khon Kaen University. Materials and Method: Data were collected retrospectively from screening forms recorded when customers received screening service. The forms were specific to each disease Data were analyses by descriptive statistic,reporting results in percentage. Results: A total of 193 subjects were screened at this community pharmacy. The majority were female (124 64.25%) and aged more than 35 years old (16987.56%). Overall78 subjects(40.41%) were foundat risk of chronic diseases. A number of people at risk of DM,HT, metabolic and respiratory disease,19(13.01 %),49(26.34%),5(3.45%) and 37(21.39%),respectively Forty-eight(61.54 %) people at risk of chronic disease receivedhealth advice from pharmacist and 33 (42.31%) were referred to other appropriate health care. Conclusion:Screening service bycommunity pharmacy canfindpeopleat risk of chronic diseases.Community pharmacist can provide health advice to people with risk or refer them to receive appropriate treatment.


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