The Meaning of Ya- Kae- Akseb in Lay’s Perspective: A Case Study of Ban Nakhok, Moo 3, Srisongrak Subdistrict, Muang District, Loei Province

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Wanida Chaidilok
Kornkaew Chanthapasa


Introduction: This research aimed to explore the perception of inflammation as the explanatory model and the meaning of Ya- Kae- Akseb in lays’ perspectives and to investigate their medication taking behavior. Materials and Method: Using qualitative method, data were collected by in-depth interviews and provided by 30 key informants who lived in Ban Nakhok, Moo 3, Srisongrak Subdistrict, Muang District, Loei Province. They also had experienced in the use of Ya- Kae- Akseb. Data were collected from July to October 2013. The content analysis was used to analyze data. Results: Key informants learned that inflammation means pain, swelling, redness, and heat the same as the meaning of inflammation in medical definition. But they could not explain the cause of inflammation that related to infection. Ya- Kae- Akseb in lay’s perspective mean any drugs used to treat either inflammations which can relief pain, swelling, redness, and heat or infections. Ya- Kae- Akseb which often used in the community was the antibiotics. Key informants had started taking Ya- Kae- Akseb immediately and stopped the medication when the symptom disappear. The use of Ya- Kae- Akseb was not different from the other drugs used in the community. Conclusion: The meaning of inflammation in lays’ perspective is the same as medical definition. But key informants had their own ideas, beliefs and the perception about the cause of inflammation, including the meaning of Ya- Kae- Akseb in lays’ perspective that are different from medical perspectives. Therefore, the choice of treatment and how drug use is based on their own beliefs and knowledge.

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