Effectiveness of the Community-based Rehabilitation Program for Schizophrenia Patients on Health Beliefs and Participation Behavior of Village Health Volunteers

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Uraiwan Kerdsang
Ungsinun Intarakamhang
Narisara Peungposop
Theerayut Kerdsang



Objective: To study the effectiveness of a community-based rehabilitation program for schizophrenia patients on health beliefs and participation behavior of village health volunteers.

          Material and methods: This is quasi-experimental research; the samples were 10 village health volunteers from Tambon Ban Thamniap, Khiriratnikhom district, Suratthani province. Purposive sampling was used for participating in the program. The data instruments consisted of the demographic information questionnaire, the health belief model about schizophrenia questionnaire, and the participation behavior of schizophrenia rehabilitation questionnaire. Data were collected before and after the program between April and May 2022. Data were analyzed by percentage, mean, standard deviation, and paired t-test.

          Results:  After the program, the mean scores of the health belief model about schizophrenia, and the mean scores of participation behavior of schizophrenia rehabilitation of community health volunteers were significantly higher than before participating in the program with a statistical significance of .05

          Conclusions: The community-based rehabilitation program for schizophrenia patients may influence the village health volunteers to have correct health beliefs towards schizophrenia and support their participation in the rehabilitation of schizophrenia patients.


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Uraiwan Kerdsang, Suansaranrom hospital



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