Factors Affecting the Work Competency of the Family Volunteers in Sukhothai Province


  • Yutthan Yaebkai Sukhothai Provincial Public Health Office
  • Mujjalin Pangsiri Department of Public Health, Faculty of Science and Technology, Chiangmai Rajabhat University


Work competency, Competency, Family volunteers


This descriptive research aimed to study the factors affecting the work competency of the family volunteers in Sukhothai Province. The samples in the study were 349 family volunteers in Sukhothai Province. The multi-stage sampling method was used for the sample selection. A questionnaire was used as the instrument for data collection. Descriptive statistics and stepwise multiple regression analysis were used for data analysis. The study results showed that the knowledge, attitudes, social support, work motivation, and work competency of family volunteers were at the moderate level, while their role perception was at the high level. The factor with the highest predictive power on the family volunteers’ work competency was work motivation (β = 0.401), followed by role perception (β = 0.384), social support (β = 0.104), and educational level at upper secondary or certificate in vocational education (β = 0.075), respectively. Four predictors could co-predict the work competency of the family volunteers at 53.8% with a statistical significance of 0.05. These research results indicate that related agencies should boost work motivation, role perception, and social support for family volunteers. Further, these volunteers should develop their potential in accordance with their educational levels.


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