RU for an Increase in the Amount of Nursing Research and Nursing Quality


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research utilization, nursing quality, increasing the amount of research


RU for nursing or research utilization for nursing is the use of research results that are knowledge that has been tested according to research methodology which is a system in which error factors are controlled. The knowledge obtained from research can be applied in practice in order to develop or improve nursing quality for service recipients and professional nurses. Therefore, utilization of research results is one way to facilitate nurses in conducting research because the research results are obtained from research in which related literatures have been systematically reviewed or in which research that has been proved is synthesized. Nurses can use the research results in various ways such as in selecting the scope of research, the research instrument, or in using the research results. In using research results, three criteria should be considered: The research results can be used to improve or change work performance and solve the problem as needed; the research results to be used, must be from research that was conducted correctly according to research methodology; and the research results must have quality according to criteria for quality of research reports. The criteria to determine the quality of research reports in the order of credibility are as follows. 1) Meta-analysis of multiple RCTs; 2) Individual RCTs; 3) Quasi-experimental study; 4) Non-experimental study (descriptive, qualitative or case study); 5) Systemically obtained, verifiable quality improvement program evaluation or case report data and 6) Opinions of nationally known authorities based on their experience or expertise.

Increasing the body of nursing knowledge by utilizing research results are considered confirmation of nursing knowledge that is useful because it increases the cost-effectiveness in building the body of nursing knowledge by making use of research results. In addition, it is an integration of the body of nursing knowledge and nursing research management that leads to valuable nursing practice. Thus, it is suitable for nurses who have a heavy workload and no time to review related literatures or research reports, no time to devise research instruments and to think of the scope of research. It can be seen that utilization of research reports can help to save time for nurses, increase the amount of research, increase the cost-effectiveness of intelligence of researchers who have conducted research and obtained empirical research results with quality for the nursing body of knowledge, and above all, improve the nursing quality for service recipients.


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