Health Literacy and Health Behavior, 3E 2S for Stroke Prevention among Village Health Volunteers in Hangdong Municipality, Hang Dong District, Chiang Mai Province


  • Wiriyaporn Singthongwan Chiangmai Neurological Hospital


Health literacy is the abilities and skills to access health information. The cognition to analyze, self assessment and self management, as well as to advise individuals, families, and communities. The purposes of this survey research were to examine the level of health literacy, health behavior, and personal factors which to health literacy in the prevention of stroke among public health volunteers in Hang Dong Subdistrict, Hang Dong District, Chiang Mai Province. The samples in this study were 92 public health volunteers in Hang Dong Subdistrict Municipality Village were recruited. The research instruments consisted of (1) demographic data form 2) the health literacy assessment form which comprised of six components including: cognitive skills, access skills, communication skills, self- management skills, Media and information literacy skills, and decision skills, and (3) the health behavior assessment form were analyzed by using descriptive statistics and correlation analyzed by chi – square test.

The results showed that the overall health literacy and health behaviors 3E 2S in the prevention of stroke among public health volunteers in Hang Dong Subdistrict was at an average level (77.9%, Mean = 47.94, S.D. = 6.37). It was found that educational factors were statistically correlated with the overall health literacy score (R=0.214, p<0.05). These results can be used in planning for promoting health literacy and to share with the community so that people can be healthy and safe from having a stroke.


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