Development of a Competency Framework for Head Nurses, McCormick Hospital, Chiang Mai Province


  • Kittisak Jansa-ard McCormick Hospital, Chiang Mai Province
  • Bunpitcha Chitpakdee Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University
  • Treeyaphan Supamanee Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University


Competency framework, Head nurses


Competencies of the head nurses are important for achieving the goals of nursing organizations and hospitals. The objectives of this study were to develop the competency framework of head nurses at McCormick Hospital in Chiang Mai Province based on the competency framework development of Marrelli, Tondora, & Hoge, (2005). The sample of this study consisted of seven head nurses of McCormick Hospital and five experts. The convenient sample were used to recruit a sample. The instrument used in the study was an interview guidelines and a literature reviews recording form. Data was collected by reviewing the relevant literature and interviewing head nurses. The data were analyzed using content analysis and calculation of content validity index. The results of this study revealed that the competency framework of head nurses of McCormick Hospital consisted of 11 categories and 86 behavioral indicators which were: 1) personnel management competency 2) budget management competency 3) unit risk management competency 4) worthwhileness management competency 5) Spirit of the Second Mile competency 6) nursing quality competency 7) service behavior competency 8) evidence-based research and innovation competency 9) information and technology competency 10) ethical, moral, and professional law competency and 11) leadership competency.

As a result, nursing administrators should apply this competency framework in planning for head nurse competency development and preparing nurses who are going to be promoted to be head nurses. In addition, head nurses can use this framework as a guideline for self-development in order to meet their job requirements.


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