A Concept of Family-Centered Nursing Care among Children with Critical and Chronic Illness


  • ชูศักดิ์ ยืนนาน Department of Pediatric and Elderly Nursing Deparment Boromarajonnani College of Nursing Chiang Mai


Children with critical and chronic Illness, Family-centered nursing care


Family-centered nursing care emerged as an important concept in health care services. This approach provides an expanded view of how to work with children and families, particularly, children with critical and chronic illness in order to maintain the relationships between the family members and healthcare quality. The core principle of Family-centered nursing care is respecting families as integral and coequal parts of the health care team which influencing on the development of the best care plan, maximizing the well-being of pediatric patients, and encouraging the family to take their responsibility for their children independently. Moreover, this approach helps extending the concept of holistic care as the family should concern about their roles, consider the ability of the family members to provide patient care, and promote the potential of the family to give care to each other. However, the familycentered care concept should be applied appropriately. The healthcare team should focus on family condition, the complexity of the illness and treatment, patient safety, and the family needs in order to provide standardized care for pediatric patients.

The purpose of this article is to present the concept of family-centered nursing care in children with critical and chronic illness.


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