Participations of Tung Ton Sri community members in planning solutions for health problems


  • Kanokwan Aiemchai
  • Janjira Injeen


Participation, Health problems, Community


This study is a participatory action research. The Appreciation Influence Control (A-I-C) was simplified and applied to enhance participation of community members in planning solutions for health problems in the community. The Tung Ton Sri community, Huaylan subdistrict, Dok Kham Tai district, Phayao Province was selected for this study. The study composed of two steps: analysis of health problems of the community, and finding problems solutions by community. Two questionnaires were developed by the research team. The first one was to collected data including: basic information of the community, health behaviors and health status of community members. The other one is a community activity observation record. Two types of data were collected and analyzed. Qualitative data were analyzed using content analysis, and quantitative data were analyzed using frequency, percentage. Health index was used to analyzed epidemiological data. Findings from the questionnaire revealed the following health problems of Tung Ton Sri village: 1) Hypertension 2) Garbage problems 3) Rusty water, and 4) Inappropriate use of chemical pesticides. Information yield from AIC process illustrated similar health problems of which reported in the questionnaire with exception of 1) Insufficient basic health services provided by health volunteers and 2) Unorganized group of youths in the village. The use of chemical pesticides was ranked as first priority, and rusty water was ranked second. We therefore decided to establish a solution plan for the chemical pesticide problems. Participation of community in solving pesticide use problem could empower community in resource management and decision making, and increase a sense of control which will result in improvement of community well being.



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