Effect of crude extracts from Thai herbs on growth of cultured human hair follicle: A pilot study


  • Orapin Gerdprasert Gerdprasert
  • Pisamai Laupattarakasem
  • Uthai Tankitiwat Tankitiwat
  • Em-orn Jareonsuppaperch
  • Poolpol Padungchaichot


Hair loss is an anguish problem which increases in both men and women nowadays. Minoxidil and finasteride are currently used as a combined treatment of hair loss due to genetic problem. In spite of their several side effects, searching of new drugs such as plant extracts for the treatment of hair loss may resolve the adverse effects from drug therapy.

The objective of this pilot study was to elucidate the hair growth promoting effects of selected natural Thai herbs which were declared in ancient Thai remedies with respect to their hair and skin treatment. Crude extracts of 5 natural Thai herbs: Clitorea ternateaPueraria mirificaEclipta prostate, Citrus hystrix, and Nyctanthes arbor-tristis were tested on cultured human hair follicles.

The data revealed that the extract of dried flowers of C. ternatea at concentration between 0.5-5 mg/ml promoted the hair growth after 2-4 days. Similarly, the extract from C. hystrix fruit at 5  mg /ml activated hair growth after 2-3 days. However, inhibitory effect on hair growth was observed when 10  mg /ml of C. hystrix extracted were applied in 4 days. The others herb extracts showed no effect on hair growth. These results suggest that water extracts of C. ternatea flower and C. hystrix fruit have potentially promoted human hair follicle growth in vitro.


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