The effects of heat on sperm quality and male infertility: A systematic review


  • Kan Danviboon
  • Sujeeporn Sripradite
  • Patipol Tangbumrungkul
  • Chutinun Sangkanjanavanich
  • Chanchanit Pruksaseat
  • Patcharapol Jeamanukoolkit
  • Kamonchanok Saijai
  • Kitt Pongputcharapun
  • Sakkarin Bhubhanil
  • Sarawut Lapmanee


heat, male infertility, sperm, temperature


Continuous heat exposure in daily life causes adverse health effects, especially in terms of the structure and the function of the reproductive organs. The objective of this study is to determine the effects of heat from daily life and working on sperm quality and male infertility by a systematic review. The keywords used in this review included fertility, hyperthermia, sperm, sterility and temperature and conducted by searching in the following databases: BMC central, PubMed, and Science Direct from 2010-2020. Among the 33 research articles, five articles met the inclusion criteria. The results showed that internal and environmental heat induced scrotal hyperthermia and reduced the quality of sperm i.e., volume, number, motility, morphology, and aneuploidies. Therefore, this systematic review has empirical evidence of behavior modification to avoid heat and prevent the risks of male infertility.


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