Immediate effects of Ruesi-Dudton exercise on flexibility of Hamstrings-Gastrocnemius and balance in female university students


  • Natsasi Chukijrungroat
  • Araya Srisuk
  • Angkana Peaphiw
  • Chaninya Hangsajara
  • Krittika Buapasert
  • Saowaluck Pansing
  • Ratikarn Sangswat


Ruesi-Dudton, flexibility, balance


The purpose of this research is to investigate the immediate effects of Ruesi-Dudton exercise on the flexibility of hamstrings-gastrocnemius and balance in 30 sedentary female university students, aged between 18 to 25, and who did not perform regular exercise. The subjects were randomly assigned into exercise and control groups. The subjects in the exercise group participated in the 18 basic poses of the Ruesi-Dadton exercise program, whereas the subjects in the control group did not receive any exercise program. The flexibility of hamstrings-gastrocnemius and balance were determined in each subject before and immediately after exercise. It was found that the subjects in the exercise group had significantly greater flexibility of hamstrings-gastrocnemius and dynamic balance in posteromedial and posterolateral directions than those in the control group (p<0.05). The results indicated the benefits of Ruesi-Dadton exercise on the flexibility of hamstrings-gastrocnemius and dynamic balance among female university students who commonly performed minimal physical activities and with a prolonged sitting posture.


Author Biography

Angkana Peaphiw

Angkana Peaphiw

Faculty of Physical Therapy, Huachiew Chalermprakiet University


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