The efficacy of aloe vera gel in the treatment of periorbital wrinkle


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periorbital wrinkle, collagen, aloe vera gel


Periorbital wrinkle is one of the first signs of dermal aging which could make a majority of people feel concerned by its effects on cosmetic appearance. Aloe vera gel could increase collagen production, decrease collagen degradation, increase skin elasticity and increase skin hydration resulting in the reduction of periorbital wrinkle. There is currently no research on aloe vera in the form of topical medication. The purpose of this study is to determine the efficacy of 90% aloe vera gel for periorbital wrinkle treatment. In this prospective, split-faced double-blind right or left on the periorbital area randomly assigned 90% aloe vera gel on one periorbital region and placebo gel on the contralateral region. Participants were instructed to apply the gel twice a day for 12 weeks with follow-up appointment at the 4th, 8th and 12th weeks. Assessment of wrinkle
by Rao-Goldman 5-point visual scoring scale was appiled. The level of wrinkle was measured by VisioscanVC® 98 and skin elasticity was measured by Cutometer® MPA580. The clinical improvement of wrinkle score was monitored by photographs and its side-effect was recorded. The participant,s satisfaction score was evaluated. The twenty-two participants were completed the study. The average participant,s age was 49.82±7.60 years old. The mean baseline periorbital wrinkle score was 3.04±0.51. The results revealed application of 90% aloe vera gel significantly improved periorbital wrinkle indicating by Rao-Goldman 5-point visual scoring scale, skin elasticity, and photographs taken. In addition, no clinical side effect was noted in all participants throughout 12 weeks of treatment. Therefore, 90% aloe vera gel can be applied as an alternative treatment
for periorbital wrinkle.


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