The efficacy of normal saline compared with standard lubricant in nasal endoscope by flexible laryngoscope


  • Amonwan Khamka
  • Alena Santeerapharp


flexible laryngoscope, normal saline solution, KY jelly


  There is no research that compares which lubricant is efficient and appropriate in
lubricating the endoscope prior to performing flexible laryngoscopy. This study, therefore,
compares normal saline with KY jelly as the lubricating materials prior to flexible laryngoscopy.
The study determines how each lubricant affects level of patients’ pain during endoscopy,
quality of image obtained, ease of the endoscopy, patients’ satisfaction level, and complications
while performing the procedure. This study is randomized, single-blind, controlled trial.
Patients were equally randomized into two groups, A and B. In group A patients, the normal
saline was used to lubricate the endoscope in one nostril followed by using KY jelly in the
remaining side. While in group B patients, the KY jelly was applied to lubricate the endoscope
in one side followed by normal saline in the other side. There was no difference in pain score
level between the two groups. However, there were significant differences in the quality of
image obtained, the ease of passing the endoscope, and the patients’ satisfaction level. The
researcher determined that the use of normal saline was better than the use of standard
lubricant (KY jelly) in considering the quality of image obtained. While in terms of the ease
of passing the endoscope and patient’s satisfaction level, the use of KY as the lubricant was
found to be better than normal saline. There were no complications while performing the
endoscopy in both groups.


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