The effect of modifying learning experience by reflective thinking model toward self awareness on sexuality of the high school students


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reflective model, self awareness, sexuality


The purpose of this quasi-experimental research were to 1) investigate the level of
self-esteem in sexuality of students, 2) compare the self-esteem score of the students after
experiment, 2) compare the self-esteem score of the students between experimenatal and
control group after experiment. The sample comprised of the experimental group and the
control group that were fourth year high school undergraduate students under the Office of the
Private Education Commission and the Office of the Basic Education Commission respectively.
There were 36 and 33 students in each type of school. Research tools 1) reflection model and
traditional learning experience with content validation by 3 experts, 2) self-esteem assessment
of adolescents with content validation by 3 experts with content validation by item IOC score
higher than 0.67 and 0.87 of reliability of Cronbach’s correlation coefficient. The research found
that 1) The self-esteem mean score of students in both experimental and control groups were
relatively high level, 2) students in experimental group had higher self-esteem score in both
overall and sub-items after experiment at the significance level p<0.05 and 3) after experiment
students in experimental group had higher score in self-esteem score than those in control
group at the significance level p<0.05. Research conclusion, this model included 4 components. The first component was
experiences reflected the adolescent life. The second component was simple media. The
third component was the analysis of adolescent life experience about specific issue. The forth
component was the process of 2 reflections that allowed students to describe by using their
writing and talking and multi-channel reflection and scripted role play. These could enhance
students’sexuality awareness.


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