Focus and Scope

Focus and scope 

Journal of Associated Medical Sciences (J Assoc Med Sci) is the double-blinded, peer-reviewed journal belonging to faculty of Associated Medical Sciences (AMS), Chiang Mai University, Thailand. It was established to provide platform to share various new findings, new inventions, and new innovations in the area of Medical Technology, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Radiologic Technology, Communication Disorders, and other related articles.

All submitted manuscripts are double-blinded and deeply reviewed by at least 3 relevant reviewers affiliating outside Chiang Mai University. Decision on the revised manuscripts is initially based on 2 of 3 reviewers, or more. However, final decision whether to accept or reject submission is based on the judgement of editors.


Journal of Associated Medical Sciences specifically aims to provide the platform for medical technologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, radiologic technologists and other related professionals to distribute, share, discuss their research findings, inventions, and innovations.

Peer Review Process

All submitted manuscripts are initially reviewed by editors to determine appropriateness of the manuscript. Having been content by the editor, the submitted manuscripts are sent off to at least 3 external and related examiners for double-blinded and deep review for scientific content of the articles. At least 2 of these 3 examiners are asked to submit their decisions before final decision is made. The final decision whether to accept or decline submission is entirely based on the judgement of the editors. The peer-review process takes 3 months to complete.

Publication Frequency

Journal of Associated Medical Sciences publishes 3 issues a year

    Issue 1: January-April
    Issue 2: May-August
    Issue 3: September-December

Open Access Policy

Readers can freely access the journal and download full copy of reprint via the journal webpage at

Types of manuscript

Manuscripts may be submitted in the form of review articles, original articles, short technical reports, notes, or letters to editor, as an approximate guide to length:

  • Review articles must not exceed 20 journal pages (not more than 5,000 words), including 6 tables/figures, and references (maximum 75, recent and relevant).
  • Original articles must not exceed 15 journal pages (not more than 3,500 words), including 6 tables/figures, and 40 reference (maximum 40, recent and relevant).
  • Short communications including technical reports, notes, and letter to editor must not exceed 5 journal pages (not more than 1,500 words), including 2 tables/figures, and references (maximum 10, recent and relevant).


Personal views and opinions in the articles are all the responsibility of the authors, not the Journal of Associated Medical Sciences.

Journal History

Journal of Associated Medical Sciences was established since 1968.

Publication Ethics

Duties of Authors

  • The authors must ensure that submitted manuscript is original, not published elsewhere.
  • The authors must ensure the accuracy of results presented in the submitted manuscript.
  • The authors must cite all references the information of which is referred to in the submitted manuscript. The detail of in-text citation must be listed at the end of the article.
  • The authors must follow "author guidelines" provided by the journal during preparation of the manuscript.
  • All authors listed in the article must be substantially involved in the research that created information of the submitted manuscript.
  • All sources of research funding must be declared.
  • The authors must declare conflict of interest (if applicable).

Duties of Editors

  • Editors must seriously consider the suitability, and quality of the submitted articles.
  • Editors must assure confidentiality of authors and reviewers during the time of review.
  • Editors must make decision on the reviewed articles by considering reviewers’ judgements, suitability and quality of the articles. 
  • Editors must not refuse the article because of doubt or uncertainty, but must thoroughly check for its validity before making decision.
  • Editors must have no conflict of interest with all authors, reviewers and editorial board members.
  • Editors must consider screening for plagiarism, duplicate or redundant publication by using anti-plagiarism software.
  • If plagiarism is detected at the percentage assigned by the editorial board (more than 30% similarity), the editors must stop the evaluation process and contact main authors immediately for clarification for consideration of "accept" or "reject" the publication of the article.

Duties of Reviewers

  • The reviewers must strictly consider confidentiality of the reviewed articles.
  • The reviewers must not be involved, in any aspects, with the submitted articles.
  • The reviewers must review the article the content of which is within the area of expertise. Comments raised after reviewing must be based on scientific background, not entirely personal opinions.