The Effect of a Modular Team Program on Nursing Team Effectiveness in Community Hospitals


  • Sureerut Srenaul -
  • Patcharaporn Aree
  • Netchanok Sritoomma


Modular Teamwork, Team effectiveness, Keywords; Modular Teamwork, Team effectiveness, Community Hospital


This research was quasi-experimental research. The objective was to compare the effectiveness of the nursing team before and after participating in the modular team program of nursing team who worked in inpatient units of large community hospitals in Health Area 5, Phetchaburi Province. The purposive sampling was used to collect data. The samples were divided into an experimental group of 21 people and a control group of 21 people. The research instruments consisted of   1) the conducting research instruments, a modular teamwork program, a modular teamwork guide and a teaching plan, and 2) the collecting research instrument, that is, the nursing team effectiveness questionnaire. The content validity of the conducting research instruments, and the nursing team effectiveness questionnaire were 1.0 and 0.97, respectively. The Cronbach’s alpha coefficient reliability of the nursing team effectiveness questionnaire was 0.96. Data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics, dependent t-test, and independent t-test.

                       The results showed that after participating in the modular team program, the experimental group had significantly higher score of the team effectiveness than before using the program (p< .05). After participating in the program, the experimental group also had significantly higher score of the team effectiveness than the control group (p< .05). The results indicated that the modular team program made the experimental group more team effectiveness than the control group. Especially in the field of personal, works team process and the structure of the team. Therefore, nursing administrators could be using the program in team management to increase the effectiveness of the nursing team.



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