Health Literacy and New Normal Among Phuket Province Residents Towards COVID-19 Prevention


  • Chayanit Luevanich มหาวิทยาลัยราชภัฏภูเก็ต
  • Jottipong Sungthong
  • Atitaya Jitjamnong
  • Sutasinee Pichaikan
  • Nisakorn Tantiwiboonchai
  • Akrachai Sianglam
  • Chatri Boontawee
  • Rangsima Soptokmad


Health literacy, New normal, COVID-19


The aims of this research were to study health literacy among Phuket resident, new normal behaviorlevel, and identify the predicting new normalbehavior to prevent the COVID-19. There were 274 subjects. Data collected by online questionnaires. Data were analyzed by using frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, Pearson's correlation coefficient and stepwise multiple regression analysis. The results indicated that subjects had sufficient levels of health literacyand high level of new normal behavior. Communication skill for preventing COVID-19 literacy, media and information literacy, bachelor degree and retirement explained 52.2% of variance of subjects' new normal behavior. The general equations and standard equation were as follows : Y = 1.470 + 0.063 X1 + 0.038 X2 + 0.221 X3 + 0..261 X4; Zr = 0.321Z1 + 0.254 Z2 + 0.187 Z3+0.137 Z4. .Therefore, public health personnel should promote people health literacy especially in the communication skill for preventing COVID-19 literacy and media and information literacy in order to enable people to maintain their new normal behavior.


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