Nurses' Roles Regarding Growth Monitoring and Promoting Nutritional Status for Early Childhood in Kindergarten


  • Salisa Kodyee


nurses' roles, growth monitoring, promoting nutritional status, early childhood in Kindergarten


Growth monitoring and promoting nutritional status for early childhood is important. If children do not receive appropriate care, they may have malnutrition including underweight, overweight, or obesity which may affect the children health such as low intelligence level, and having non-communicable disease when they are adults or elderly. Nurse play an important role in children’s growth monitoring and promoting nutritional status. This includes continuously assessing and monitoring for malnutrition in children; applying research for nutrition, promoting activities for children and their parents; coordinating with a cook and a nutritionist for proper lunch menu planning and collecting systematical data about nutritional status for stakeholders. As mentioned above, a nurse's role, according to social networks or social support theory, is a person who interacts with children and families, that includes a person who can provide social support to children and families in emotional objects and information for stakeholders in promoting nutritional status for early childhood. A nurse believe that it could prevent and improve malnutrition problems in early childhood and impel nutritional promotion in early childhood stages to efficiently achieve goals in the strategy plan of the Ministry of Public Health.


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