A Study of the Feelings of Burden and the Needs of Caregivers in Palliative Care

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Sarawoot Soopunpitug


Objectives: (1) to study the prevalence of feeling burdened (2) to study the factors related to the incidence of feelings of burden (3). to study the effects of the feelings of burden on the quality of life (4) to study the needs of  caregivers of palliative care patients.

Materials and methods :A cross-sectional study was carried out among caregivers of 82 primary palliative care patients in Hang Dong District, Chiang Mai Province. A questionnaire and  Zarit Burden interview were used. Data were collected between 1-31 March 2021 using Pearson chi square One way anova statistics.

Results:It was found that 45 cases of feeling burdened, representing 53.6%, were most in low level (40.2%). Significant related factors (p < 0.05) were marriage status, depression, stress, and the presence of underlying disease  among caregivers. Gender and ADL were not correlated. Feeling burdened affected the caregiver’s quality of life.

Summary :Depression, stress and the marital status of the primary caregiver were significantly associated with the incidence of feelings of burden which in turn, affected the quality of life of the family.


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