Overweight, Depression and Self - Esteem Among Senior Elementary School Children

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Pornwan Inudon
Kanyarat Korwanich
Araya Pontanya
Chidchanok Ruengorn


Objective: To evaluate relationships between overweight, depression and self – esteemamong senior elementary school children.

Materials and methods:  This cross-sectional analytical study recruited all primary school students in grade 4 to 6 who registered in second semester of the year 2016 fromKhueanbhumibolschool, Takprovince.  Overweight was determined using Growth indicators of Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health version of the year 1999 and BMI for age from the World Health Organization. Depression and self-esteem was screened using the Thai version of Children’s Depression Inventory (CDI), and the Thai version of The Five-Scale Test of Self-Esteem for Children (FSC), respectively. Descriptive statistics, Pearson’s correlation linear regression, and logistic regressionstatistics were used to analyze the data.

Results:Of 153 subjects, most of all were girls (54.9%), age between 10-12 years old, grade point average over 2.00 (82.4%), parents live together (66.2%). Overweight was found in 23 students (15.0%).Depression (CDI score over 15.0) was revealed in 56 students (36.6%). Overweight students had the prevalence of 34.8%compared to 36.9% in those having normal weight. No association between overweight and depression score was found when analyzed as mean and binary outcome (Adj. β – 0.28; 95 % CI - 2.59 - 2.04, p=0.815, Adj. OR 0.98; 95%CI 0.29-3.27, p=0.970). According to self-esteem, overweight students had mean score less than those with normal weight especially in “image” domain, though statistical significance was not found, with Person’s correlation coefficient (r) -0.086 (p=0.288). However, the results revealed the reverse statistical significance association between depression scale and self-esteem scale (r = -0.653, p<0.01).

Conclusion:  Overweight has non-significant association between depression and self-esteem. However, depression and self-esteem has statistically significant inverse relationship. Overweight children have body image dissatisfaction which significantly direct lower self-esteem and may increase depression. In addition, relatively high prevalence of depression in this group of children should shed the light to health personnel and parents or guardians to further systematically set depression screening in place.


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