To all authors,

    Due to Q&A from new authors(esp. foreigner) since we get Tier 1 TCI,

I glad to remind you about our process.

After you complete  upload files need for submission and use right journal format,

Editor in chief  or Associate editor will send your article to:

Round 1, At least 2-3 reviewers

Round 2, 1 reviewer (Editor in chief  or Associate editor)

Round 3, 1 reviewer ( English editor  or Stat. editor)

Then,after accepted submission by Editor in chief  or Associate editor ,you will get certificate of publication from Journal manager within 2 wks.

After artwork ,reference and format checked by  journal manager ,she  will send final draft for you to check your name,affiliate,co-author name and order and proofread.

If everything OK, we will publish your article.

Ps. Privilege for Original article only (judged by Editor in chief),I can publish each article,not issue published.

Sincerely yours,

Chakkarin Pingkhalasay,

Editor in chief,APPJ