Factors related to preventive behavior regarding HIV/AIDS among university students in Magway Township, Myanmar

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Hsu Wai Naing
Jutatip Sillabutra
Boonyong Keiwkarnka


This cross-sectional descriptive study was carried out to identify preventive behavior and to examine fac-tors related to preventive behavior among university students regarding HIV/AIDS. Structured questionnaires
were distributed to 296 university students in Magway Township, Myanmar. Descriptive statistics were used to
describe preventive behavior and independent variables: socio-demographic characteristics, knowledge, perception,
influence of the media, personal influences and personal experience. The chi-square test and multiple logistic re-gression were used to identify factors related to preventive behavior.
The results show that 89.5% of the students had good preventive behavior regarding HIV/AIDS. More than
90% of the students had only one sexual partner, used a condom when they had sexual activity and carried con-doms when they went out for sexual activity. Over half of the students had a moderate level of knowledge about
HIV/AIDS and 51.4% of the students had negative perceptions toward preventive behavior. Most of the students
got HIV/AIDS-related knowledge from television/videos, journals, magazine, cartoon booklets and pamphlets. Most
students were influenced by health personnel, followed by NGO/INGO personnel, friends and teachers. Multiple
logistic regression revealed that only personal allowances and personal experience showed a significant association
with preventive behavior, when adjusted with other factors.
Even though the preventive behavior of the students was good, some of them still did not understand HIV/
AIDS issues or had misconceptions about such issues. Therefore, health education for the youth about HIV/AIDS
and methods for preventing HIV/AIDS should be routinely conducted to improve the students’ knowledge and to
provide students with a correct understanding of HIV/AIDS and preventive methods.

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Wai Naing H, Sillabutra J, Keiwkarnka B. Factors related to preventive behavior regarding HIV/AIDS among university students in Magway Township, Myanmar. J Public Hlth Dev [Internet]. 2013 Apr. 1 [cited 2024 Apr. 16];11(1):33-45. Available from: https://he01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/AIHD-MU/article/view/7568
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