After completing submission process, manuscripts are first screened by the editors. Manuscripts not adhering to the journal guidelines will be returned to the authors without scientific evaluation. Submitted manuscripts adhering to the journal guidelines are checked for plagiarism using ‘Turnitin’ as well as for ethics consideration by the editors. The manuscripts then undergo a double-blind, peer-review which should be completed in less than four weeks by at least two referees, who have already published or have areas of expertise related to the submitted manuscripts.

The editors examine and prepare a decision letter according to the comments and suggestions of the reviewers, which is sent to the corresponding author with a recommendation to accept the work with major or minor revisions to the manuscript or to reject the work without further consideration. The revised manuscript with highlighted changes and a table of correction should be submitted within two weeks for minor revisions and within four weeks for major revisions. The revised manuscript with major or minor revisions is re-evaluated by the same reviewers before a final decision is made by the editors.