Risk behavior of sexual health and related factors among adolescent students in Maldives

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Zarana Ibrahim
Santhat Sermsri
Bang-on Thepthien


A cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted to reveal the risk behavior of sexual health among
adolescents in Maldives. A questionnaire was administered to 285 students from three main private colleges
in the capital city of the Maldives, Male’. The students were interviewed by an anonymous self-administere
questionnaire from February to March 2012. Analysis was done by frequency analysis, Chi-square tests and
multiple logistic regressions to examine the relationship between personal characteristics, knowledge, attitude
and risk behaviors of sexual health among adolescents.
The result showed that 42% of the students had high risk behaviors regarding sexual health. 51% of
the students had low knowledge level. Risk behaviors of sexual health were found to have a significant
association with gender, allowance, educational level of the mothers, source of information and attitudes.
Using multiple logistic regression analysis, attitude was found to be strongest predictor of risk behaviors
of sexual health when adjusted for other factors. Students who had negative attitude towards sexual health
were nearly three times to have high risk behavior than those with positive attitude (Adj OR 2.73, CI 95%,
p-value <0.001).
It is recommended that knowledge be improved and positive attitudes encouraged among the adoles
cents. Moreover, relationships between parents and adolescents should be improved. In addition, promotion
of heath education via mass media by providing age appropriate information is highly needed.

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