Factors affecting Premarital Sex among Nepalese Undergraduates 10.55131/jphd/2023/210213

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Anil Paudel
Awijit Neupane
Santosh Khadka
Laxmi Adhikari
Shishir Paudel
Maheshor Kaphle


Premarital sex is considered a social taboo and an immoral act in Nepal. However, there is a widespread view that young men and women are becoming more at ease in each other's company and beginning sexual experiences prior to marriage, putting them at risk of the consequences of unsafe sex. This research aims to evaluate the factors associated with premarital sexual behavior and its consequences among Nepalese college-going adolescents and youths. This cross-sectional web-based study included 415 Nepalese students over the age of 18 who were enrolled in a bachelor's degree program in a discipline other than health science. Data was collected from students online using a self-administered structured questionnaire. Pearson's chi-square (χ2) and logistic regressions were used to examine the relationship between the independent and outcome variables. Most participants (61.7%) had dating experience and 21.2% had premarital sex. About three-fourths (76.1%) of participants had premarital sex before the age of 20 years and the ages of sexual debut ranged from 13 to 25 years. The major reasons for sexual debut were desire, curiosity, continuation of love relationship, and peer pressure. One-third of students (33.0%) reported having more than two sex partners, and 11.4% had intercourse with commercial sex workers. Among students who had premarital sex, 13.7% of participants or their sex partners, had to undergo abortions because of unintended pregnancies. Having an illiterate parent (AOR=11.0; 95% CI=2.01-60.87), high pocket money (AOR=4.2; 95% CI=1.1-16.2), increased dating culture (AOR=18.8; 95% CI=4.8-74.2), a close friend who has experienced premarital sex (AOR=5.2; 95% CI=2.21-12.21), and exposure to pornography (AOR=97.87; 95% CI= 9.5-10001.4) were predictors of premarital sex among Nepalese college students. This demonstrates the importance of sex and relationship education programs led by qualified peer educators in educating young people about safe sexual activity.

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Anil Paudel, Awijit Neupane, Santosh Khadka, Laxmi Adhikari, Shishir Paudel, Maheshor Kaphle. Factors affecting Premarital Sex among Nepalese Undergraduates: 10.55131/jphd/2023/210213. J Public Hlth Dev [Internet]. 2023 May 8 [cited 2024 Apr. 21];21(2):152-67. Available from: https://he01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/AIHD-MU/article/view/263497
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Anil Paudel, CiST College, Kathmandu, Nepal

CiST College, Kathmandu, Nepal

Awijit Neupane, CiST College, Kathmandu, Nepal

CiST College, Kathmandu, Nepal

Santosh Khadka, CiST College, Kathmandu, Nepal

CiST College, Kathmandu, Nepal

Laxmi Adhikari, CiST College, Kathmandu, Nepal

CiST College, Kathmandu, Nepal

Shishir Paudel, CiST College, Kathmandu, Nepal

CiST College, Kathmandu, Nepal

Maheshor Kaphle, CiST College, Kathmandu, Nepal

CiST College, Kathmandu, Nepal

Peoples Dental College and Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal


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