Fire preventive behaviors of workers at a processed rubber wood industry

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The purposes of this study were to investigate preventive behavior in fire and to predict preventive behavior in fire among workers at processed rubber wood industry. Totally, 196 workers were conducted during September to October, 2010. The data was administered by structured questionnaire which was tested reliability as Cronbach’s alpha as 0.82. The simple and multiple regression analysis were used to analyze the data.
The result found that most of them were male (56.10%). An average working experience was 7 years (SD = 4.44 years). There was 47.40 % that obtained training in safety related to fire, 49.00% in training about extinguish, 12.80% in evacuation on fire. An average scores of knowledge related to fire practices was 5.41 scores. Regarding to the preventive behavior on fire among workers found that the total scores of preventive behavior was in high level (χ = 2.83, SD = 0.37). In addition, the all specific of preventive behavior was high level including practice and evacuation (χ = 2.91, SD = 0.47), fire preventive behavior (χ = 2.90, SD = 0.41), fire perception (χ = 2.87, SD = 0.44), extinguish (χ = 2.83, SD = 0.47) and fire communication (χ = 2.61, SD = 0.46) respectively. According to the factors affecting preventive behavior among workers found that there were factors affecting preventive behavior such as working experience
(p = 0.019), hazardous of fire (p < 0.001), training on fire (p = 0.001) and knowledge related self-practice on fire (p = 0.015).
The results suggested that the organization should provide the continuous training on fire among workers to increase their knowledge in order to decrease the causal of fire, lost of asset, life, environment, organization
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