The Effects of Emotional Quotient and Moral Quotient on Resilience Quotient of Health Science Students in a Private University


  • Chukiat Chakchaichon Faculty of Psychology, Saint Louis College
  • Sudarat Suwaree Faculty of Nursing, Saint Louis College
  • Supawadee Somchit Faculty of Nursing, Saint Louis College
  • Rattanaporn Sonpeayung Faculty of Physical Therapy, Saint Louis College
  • Sripraphon Chaiduang Student Affairs Bureau, Saint Louis College
  • จิราภรณ์ โภชกปริภัณฑ์ Faculty of Psychology, Saint Louis College
  • Rungudee Klaharn Educational and Psychological Test Bureau, Srinakharinwirot University


Emotional Quotient, Moral Quotient, Resilience Quotient


The objectives of this survey research were: 1) To study the level of health science students’ emotional quotient, moral quotient, and resilience quotient. 2) To study the relationships among the students’ emotional quotient, moral quotient and resilience quotient. 3) To find the prediction equation to resilience quotient by students’ emotional quotient and moral quotient. The sample consisted of 248 health science students who were selected by simple random sampling. The research tools were the Emotional Quotient questionnaire, the Moral Quotient questionnaire and the Resilience Quotient questionnaire which had reliability of .86, .88 and .90, respectively. The statistics used to analyze the data were arithmetic mean, standard deviation, Pearson’s correlation and multiple regression. The research results were: 1) Students’ Emotional Quotient was reported in high level; both moral quotient and resilience quotient were reported in very high level. 2) Emotional quotient was significantly correlated with moral quotient (r= .77, p<.01) and resilience quotient r=.73, p<.01). There was a significantly positive correlation between moral quotient and resilience quotient (r= .68, <.01) and 3) Emotional quotient and moral quotient were significant predictors of resilience quotient, explaining 57.5%.


กรมสุขภาพจิตกระทรวงสาธารณสุข. (2563).เปลี่ยนร้ายกลายเป็นดี RQ พลังสุขภาพจิต. (พิมพ์ครั้งที่ 4). กรุงเทพฯ:บริษัทบียอนด์พับลิสชิ่ง จำกัด.

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